What is C-Plan and the Sustainability Checklist?

C-Plan and the Sustainability Checklist help developers and planning authorities understand how developments proposals measure up against sustainable development planning policies.


C-Plan relates specifically to the carbon and energy impacts of proposed developments. Developers are required to provide information about the predicted energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of new developments and meet renewable energy or CO2 targets. C-Plan makes it easy for planning authorities to gather the right information from developers, to validate that information against their carbon reduction policy criteria and to monitor and report the outcomes on an authority-wide basis.

The benefits of C-Plan

banner_2Sustainability Checklist

The Sustainability Checklists enable planning applicants to describe their development proposal in terms of the sustainable design objectives set by local authorities. Links are provided to relevant planning policies along with guidance and assistance for applicants to help meet sustainable design objectives.

The benefits of the Sustainability Checklists